The Stunning new BRAVIA OLED A84J

By Roy Williams, Swansea Sony Centre

This year, Sony introduced the stunning new BRAVIA OLED A84J television. This new model is part of their brilliant new premium OLED TV range. The OLED screen produces the ultimate deep blacks and colour rendition, thanks to self-illuminating pixels – add this to Sony’s brand new, game changing XR Cognitive Processor, and you have the perfect TV for binge watching Netflix!

So, let’s get into some detail - what's the difference between LED and OLED screen technology? An LED screen has an LCD panel with an LED backlight shining through it to give you a bright colourful picture, but what’s the drawback? You will never get a true black in darker scenes because of the backlight. However, an OLED screen does not have a backlight, because each individual pixel is self-illuminating and fully controlled by the processor. Therefore, when it is off, it’s a true, inky black. You also get the same colour and contrast at wide viewing angles with an OLED screen, which you do not get with an LED screen (where there is always a sweet spot directly in front of the TV).

Now, couple the superior OLED screen on Sony’s new A84J television, with the world’s first Cognitive Intelligence XR processor, and things get more interesting. This processor analyses and creates the picture and sound, just like our brains do. The clarity, motion, contrast and colour are cross analysed simultaneously by the XR Processor to create an incredible viewing experience.

The A84J BRAVIA OLED also uses the XR Processor together with the unique Acoustic Surface Audio+ system. With actuators built into the screen and a dedicated subwoofer, the sound literally comes straight from the screen surface. Using XR sound processing, this gives the most realistic sound experience from a television.

From a smart perspective, Sony has partnered with Google for access to the amazing Google TV platform, granting a superb user experience. You have access to all the major streaming services from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and even Apple TV to name a few. There are over 7,000 apps to choose from the Google Play Store, and Sony has also launched an exclusive service called BRAVIA Core, featuring over 300 films to enjoy! BRAVIA Core has the highest streaming quality you can use (80Mbps) making for jaw-dropping visuals.

The A84J OLED television is packed full of industry leading firsts, all wrapped in a stunning design with Sony’s brilliant build quality. Head on over to the A84J page, here, and place your order to experience the best of Sony!