Standards redefined, for a new generation of creators. Enter the Sony a7 IV.

By Tyler Biswell, Leeds Sony Centre

Having just enrolled on a photography course, I decided to update my camera in readiness for the learning curve. Although slightly over my initial budget, I decided that getting the best would keep me up to date the longest - with this in mind, I opted for the A7IV. My initial findings were that this camera has many more great features than I need right now, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to utilise them all soon!

The A7IV has been an incredible camera so far. It’s a very fast focusing, high quality shooter that pairs well with the 24mm-70mm kit lens (included), delivering clear images from a manageable, lightweight design.

Some of my first shots were pictures of the recent ‘Hunter’s Moon’ and although the lighting conditions were challenging, the A7IV proved easy to set up with some fantastic results from this novice! The focus speed in low-light conditions coupled with the flexible spot focus feature was nothing short of exemplary.

Hunter Moon shot Sony Alpha A7IV


I also used my A7IV to shoot house interiors (using an 11mm F1.8 lens) in both bright and low light situations – the resulting shots were superb, capturing both detail and clarity just as one would expect from the full-frame sensor.

Interior kitchen shot Sony A7IV


In situations where I’ve had to travel, the A7IV’s lightweight form-factor has been a boon - for example, when I’m out and about, I tend to go on long walks and am able to photograph ducks in the water and general landscapes. A standout benefit of Sony’s Alpha range becomes evident when taking photos of ducks and fast-moving animals (and humans) – using ‘Eye Autofocus’, the camera can focus on their eyes automatically, tracking the animal or person whilst keeping the frame in focus the whole time, producing a clear and detailed image. This is a feature that Sony has also introduced on its award-winning Xperia smartphone range.

Pet Dog shot Sony A7IV


I’ve just started to shoot video with my camera and in my experience, the A7IV (when recording at 4K60P) captures footage that is clear and consistent throughout. When shooting videos of racing cars moving at speed, I noticed that the camera would focus on one object and remain locked on – the focusing on A7IV is simply untouchable. 

Evening shot Sony A7IV


As I progress through my course, I look forward to learning more about photography using my A7IV - it’s fair to say I’ve enjoyed my experience so far! Despite having only scratched the surface of what is capable, I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a serious camera with an equally serious set of features, regardless of experience level!