Colour, like no other. Getting to know the award-winning A95K BRAVIA OLED

By Tom Grainger, Birmingham Sony Centre

I’m sure you’ll all have heard of OLED by now; the panel technology that came to Sony BRAVIA TVs with 2017’s A1 BRAVIA OLED. It delivers an ‘Infinite:1’ contrast ratio, which until OLED’s introduction was impossible to achieve. This means inky, true blacks and incredibly bright highlights – it’s particularly noticeable when you see colours pop and the crisp sharpness of any image thrown at a Sony BRAVIA OLED TV. If you thought this was great, oh my, it’s just got so much better. Allow me to introduce the A95K, Sony’s first Quantum Dot OLED TV. It gives you all the benefits of previous generation OLEDs, plus a host of others that I’ll cover later on.

Sony 65A95KAbove: The impressive 65 inch Sony A95K BRAVIA OLED Television

The A95K has a staggering 200% better colour brightness than a conventional OLED TV. This is due to the different panel structure and QD (Quantum Dot) technology - it takes ‘popping’ to a whole new level! Luscious reds, bright yellows, deep greens and sea-like blues look amazing – they’re also noticeably different from traditional ‘wOLED’ TVs. Powered by Sony’s BRAVIA XR chipset, the A95K displays an image that’s as close to reality as possible. Using artificial intelligence (AI), it upscales everything you watch to look its absolute best – it also improves things that our attention is focused on first, such as faces and eyes.

Sony XR engineEnjoy true contrast with the brightest colours and pure blacks

Sony’s class-leading motion is still at its best, thanks to XR OLED Motion and XR 4K Upscaling, both of which ensure that your image stays perfectly smooth, removing any judder from what you’re watching. Perhaps you’re a sports fan? The fast-paced panning shots associated with football will look super-clear as the camera moves across the pitch, meaning you don’t miss a moment of the action - it really makes you feel like you are there!

Sony XR OLED MotionXR OLED Motion combats blur by detecting and cross analysing key visual elements

Pairing the A95K with a games console is also very impressive. 2 x HDMI 2.1 ports are fitted to this TV, meaning you benefit from the crisp, 120hz refresh rate provided by the PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X or PC. Also included in the box is the newly introduced BRAVIA CAM. As the name suggests, it’s a powerful camera with some pretty cool features on offer! It can be used for video calling your friends, family or work meetings via Google Meet, meaning you’re no longer tied to a small phone screen or laptop screen to see your loved ones.

BRAVIACAMEnjoy more fun when you pair your TV with BRAVIA CAM

BRAVIA CAM clips onto the back of the A95K and can be removed if you’re not using it. Gestures can be read by the sensors inside BRAVIA CAM, which are then communicated to your TV. No longer do you have to find the remote to pause the film you are watching - simply put your hand up and move it to the left! You can also turn the volume up/down or skip photos or songs and even turn off the TV by doing a power fist action. Pretty cool by any standard. If you have young children that like to watch the TV from a foot away, there is a safety feature built in which will dim down the brightness if they get to close to the screen to protect their eyes. It’ll also detect if there is anyone in the room - if there isn’t, it will dim the image down to save power. Moreover, a light sensor inside detects the ambient brightness in your room, allowing you to precisely tune your TV’s brightness settings to accommodate for the change in light.

So, the A95K is without doubt a worthy flagship from Sony. It delivers on picture and sound, whilst also doing an excellent job of apps and catch-up with Google TV onboard. If you’ve decided the A95K is for you, you can place an order, here. If, however, you’d like to know more about this stunning set, you can call your local Sony Centre or chat to one of our colleagues by clicking on the ‘Chat’ button at the top of our site. Don’t forget – you can also visit any of our stores to experience the A95K and the amazing world of Sony!