2022 BRAVIA XR Announcement

by Kj

It’s almost showtime. On January 4, 2022 3:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM CET, join us for a new 2022 BRAVIA XR TV Announcement!

When Sony launched the Trinitron in 1968, it was a true revolution in TV technology, delivering bright, punchy colours and unmatched picture quality. Followed by the excellent WEGA range, Sony’s extensive TV know-how allowed for market-leading products and award-winning picture quality. In 2005, Sony introduced the BRAVIA range, and this was where the game truly changed.

Sony TrinitronAbove: The Trinitron was a groundbreaking innovation that cemented Sony's position as a leader in the TV market

A backronym for “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture", the range has introduced innovations such as Triluminos Colour (Sony’s Wide Colour Gamut technology) and BRAVIA XR (the world’s first use of cognitive intelligence in a TV).

2005 Advert bouncy balls Above: 2005 saw the launch of the innovation laden BRAVIA range, and that ‘BRAVIA bouncy balls’ advert

Sony’s BRAVIA range doesn’t just exist in your home, however. Thanks to Sony’s diversified business, BRAVIA products are also used in the professional world! Many film studios around the world use Sony’s ‘Trimaster’ branded products (reference grade monitors), to produce and review movies – these professional-grade technologies then find themselves implemented in the BRAVIA TVs you see in your local Sony Centre!

film production equipmentAbove: Sony's BRAVIA lineup borrows heavily from the professional grade monitors used in film production

Professional, studio-grade quality in your new Sony BRAVIA TV – now that’s special. We’re looking forward to seeing what January 4 brings, and remember, you’ll always find the latest news, promotions, products and services here at Centres Direct, or at your local Sony Centre!