Sony ILCE7RM4B Full-Frame Mirrorless camera

Sony ILCE7RM4B Full-Frame Mirrorless camera

Superb image resolution, speed, and focus


Remarkable high resolution of CMOS sensor, maximised by imaging engine, minimised vibration, 5-axis image stabiliser. Up to 10fps burst shooting with superb AF performance. Real-time Eye AF now follows an animal eye. AI-based auto subject tracking with Real-time Tracking. Pro usability, robust compact body for confidence, flexibility, freedom.

  • An ultra-high resolution, large Full Frame size sensor gives you professional looking photographs with defocused backgrounds, while the image stabilisation keeps stills sharp and video smooth. The sensor is backlit - so even more light is captured than a standard Full Frame sensor
  • 567 phase autofocus points, combined with Eye Autofocus, locks on and tracks human and animal eyes for fast and accurate autofocus, while up to 10 frames are taken every second, capturing the perfect moment
  • The high resolution OLED viewfinder suits a traditional style of shooting, especially in difficult lighting situations, while the tiltable LCD screen lets the user shoot from a variety of angles, for example while held above the head
  • 4K provides sharp and vibrant video, great for capturing memories and playing back on large screen TVs, while HDR technology captures more shades of colour
  • WiFi and NFC let you quickly transfer your images to your smartphone for sharing, or use your phone as a remote control. Dual SD card slots mean peace of mind
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August 2020


Reaching the peak of resolution: 61.0MP[FN|Approximate effective pixels.] full-frame CMOS sensor

Sony’s newly developed 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 61.0 megapixels[FN|Approximate effective pixels.] enables the full-frame mirrorless a7R IV to attain expressive prowess once expected only in conventional medium-format cameras. Thanks to this mirrorless design, absence of mechanical mirror shock can maximise resolution without negative effect on image quality. The a7R IV realises the level of image quality that surpasses the expectation for conventional full-frame cameras especially in the low- to mid-sensitivity range. Sony’s proprietary technology achieves superb high resolution while assuring low noise and high sensitivity.

Enhanced image processing engine makes the most of CMOS sensor

To match the excellence of the new image sensor, high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine is also further enhanced to faithfully reproduce details and reduce noise significantly. Noise that tends to occur due to heightened pixel count is minimised for high image quality, especially in the standard ISO sensitivity range up to ISO 32000. [FN|Expandable to ISO 50 to 102400 for stills.] Wide 15-stop dynamic range[FN|Sony test conditions.] at low ISO sensitivity (for stills) delivers smoother reproduction of gradations from shadow to highlight. Moreover, the a7R IV’s inherited colour reproduction in still pictures — acclaimed in the latest a series — captures skin colour in portraits and vivid colour of flowers for natural a7R IV depiction.

Features maximising superb 61.0MP[FN|Approximate effective pixels.] resolution

The a7R IV’s extremely high image 61.0-megapixel resolution performance is maximised by other a7R IV advantages, one of which is 5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation with optimised algorithms to achieve up to a 5.5-stop[FN|CIPA standards. Pitch/Yaw shake only. Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA lens. Long exposure NR off.] shutter speed advantage. Another outstanding feature is the electronic shutter allowing silent, vibration-free shooting. Additionally, the a7R IV incorporates an internal damper structure to absorb the impact of shutter motion for a minimum of shutter vibration. Many features in the a7R IV serve for realising sharply resolved imaging.

14-bit RAW output for natural gradations

The a7R IV supports compressed and uncompressed 14-bit RAW output for smoother, more natural gradations that contribute to higher overall image quality. Taking advantage of even higher 16-bit processing in the imaging engine, front-end LSI and the enhanced BIONZ X image processor make 14-bit RAW[FN|Limited to 12 bits during compressed RAW continuous shooting, BULB exposure, or when Long Exposure NR is ON.] output available even when shooting in silent or continuous mode[FN|When uncompressed RAW is selected.].  [1] Image sensor  [2] The latest high-speed front-end LSI  [3] 16-bit image processing

5.76-million-dot UXGA OLED Tru-Finder

Newly featured in the a7R IV, this 5.76-million-dot electronic viewfinder provides high-precision, high-brightness, and high-contrast visibility, reproducing fine detail with 1.6 times higher resolution than a7R III. “High Display Quality” mode draws on the effective 61.0MP (approx.) image sensor to suppress moiré and jaggies for highly precise and natural images on viewfinder; 120/100fps[FN|NTSC/PAL] of “High” finder frame rate mode shows smoother motion, so it’s simpler to trace moving subjects. Fluorine coating makes it easier to remove dirt or a fingerprint from the lens, for more comfortable viewing in inclement weather and better concentration on shooting.  [1] Ultra-XGA OLED Tru-Finder  [2] Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder

Wide, fast, and steadfast AF evolution

Thanks to increased coverage and density of AF points and enhanced algorithm for tracking moving subjects, overall AF performance has evolved to provide steadfast, accurate tracking of complex subject motion and speed changes. The a7R IV’s Fast Hybrid AF system combines high-speed, highly trackable phase-detection and high-precision contrast-detection autofocusing, even for shooting venues as dimly lit as EV-3[FN|ISO 100 equivalent, with F2.0 lens in the AF-S mode.]. 567-point phase-detection AF and 425-point contrast-detection AF provide wider image area coverage[FN|Compared with a7R III.] of 99.7% height and 74.0% width. In addition, this remarkable AF system provides as rapid response as a7R III, despite mass data handling due to the extremely high-resolution CMOS sensor, even in dim shooting venues.

Exceptional high-speed 10fps burst shooting with AF/AE tracking

Despite high resolution of 61.0MP[FN|Approximate effective pixels.], an ingenious algorithm enables efficient processing for high-speed continuous shooting of up to 10fps[FN|In continuous “Hi+” mode. Maximum fps will depend on camera settings.] with AF/AE tracking through a mechanical shutter. It is also possible to shoot continuously at up to 8fps in live-view mode, with minimal display time lag for capturing fast-moving subjects. After a full-frame image is cropped down to APS-C size or if APS-C shooting mode is chosen, you can still get 26.2MP high-resolution images. This is a great advantage for wild animal photographers who rely on cropping after capturing images of quickly moving animals/birds afar.

Up to 68 images in continuous shooting

Professional photographers need to achieve consistent shooting without interruption. With 1.5x greater buffer memory, system speed, and UHS-II support, the a7R IV can capture up to approx. 68 images[FN|In JPEG (Extra fine / Fine) or compressed RAW data mode.] in a continuous burst at 10fps[FN|In continuous “Hi+” mode, and up to 8fps in continuous “Hi” mode. Maximum fps will depend on camera settings.]. With APS-C shooting mode, approximately three times more photos can be shot than with full-frame shooting mode. Fn menu/menu display access, setting changes, and review playback can occur during data writing. A countdown of the number of still images remaining to be written to memory is on display during playback.

Anti-flicker shooting [FN|Flicker at a frequency other than 100Hz or 120Hz cannot be detected. In continuous shooting mode, the shooting speed may slow down or the duration of each shot may become inconsistent, and area covered by phase-detection AF becomes narrowed. This function does not work when using bulb shooting and movie shooting modes.]

Flicker from fluorescent and other artificial lighting is automatically detected and shutter action is timed to minimise the effect of flicker on still images. This suppresses exposure and colour anomalies at the top and bottom of images shot at high shutter speeds, as well as exposure and colour inconsistency between continuous shots, so you can take images indoors with more confidence.

Dual media slots, both supporting UHS-II

The a7R IV provides two media slots for SD cards, both SLOT 1 and SLOT 2 now compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II for fast mass-volume data writing. Two cards in the slots can be used to simultaneously record or relay record data; separate RAW data from JPEG data, or stills from movies; and copy data from one card to the other. A slide lock structure prevents the memory card cover from being opened unintentionally.

Shooting for more professional lengths

The a7R IV employs the large-capacity NP-FZ100 battery just like a7R III. Due to more energy-efficient circuit design, the a7R IV matches a7R III usage level longevity, despite higher resolution of the a7R IV image sensor and EVF. An optional Vertical Grip (VG-C4EM) can hold two batteries, and an optional Multi Battery Adaptor Kit (NPA-MQZ1K) can hold up to four batteries for even longer hours of shooting. In addition to the use of such optional accessories, USB Type-C™ and Multi/Micro USB ports allow external mobile batteries to power the camera for further extended recording.

Enhanced Real-time Eye AF (human eye) delivers more successful portraiture

Real-time Eye AF works in tandem with Real-time Tracking technology, based on the latest evolutionary advances in artificial intelligence, for highly efficient portrait shooting. This progressive system detects and processes face and eye data in real time, and stays locked onto the eye of the subject with unprecedented precision. When “Face/Eye Priority in AF” is ON, Eye AF (AF-C/AF-S/AF-A mode) can be activated not only through a custom key assignment, but also by half-pressing the shutter button or pressing the AF-ON button. This function now allows you to choose a particular eye — left or right, in advance or during shooting. Real-time Eye AF supports movie shooting in addition to stills.

Real-time Eye AF for Animals reliably tracks wild animals and pets[FN|Supports only stills.]

Advanced AI-based subject recognition in Sony’s Real-time Eye AF includes a new algorithm supporting animal tracking for fast, precise, automatic detection and tracking of an animal’s eye. This new capability will greatly increase your success rate when shooting pictures of animals in the wild or beloved pets at home, situations where accurate focus has been a challenge. [FN|Depending on conditions of the shooting scene and subject, autofocus may fail in some cases. When Real-time Tracking is activated, “Animal” cannot be selected as a detectable subject.] All AF-C, AF-S, and AF-A focus modes are supported.

Real-time Tracking keeps focusing on tracked subjects

With this technology, accurate focus is maintained automatically while the shutter button is half-pressed. You can select a subject as you intend, rely on the a7R IV, and concentrate on your composition since the camera takes care of subject tracking. A newly adopted Real-time Tracking algorithm uses colour, pattern (brightness), and subject distance (depth) data to process spatial information while AI technology detects subject’s face and eye in real time. Available for both stills and movies.

Wireless PC Remote function

Using the a7R IV alone, you can operate newly supported wireless PC Remote functions via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz selectable[FN|Models sold in some countries/regions support IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) wireless LAN only. 5GHz communication may be restricted in some countries and regions.]) to remotely control camera settings or send captured images to the camera while shooting. This cable-free setting allows maximum shooting freedom in indoor and outdoor shooting sessions. Moreover, the a7R IV also provides PC Remote functions via USB 3.2 Gen 1 compatible USB Type-C™ port, for image data transfer at time of tether-priority shooting. Even large-sized RAW images can be transferred smoothly and checked via PC immediately.

Versatile flash compatibility

The a7R IV has a sync terminal, so non-dedicated flash units and cables with standard sync terminals can be connected for convenient synchronisation with studio flash units, etc. Release time lag when shooting with flash is minimised for smooth, responsive flash photography. Continuous flash shooting at up to 10fps offers advanced capture capability.[FN|Maximum continuous shooting speed will depend on the flash and shooting settings used.] To enhance versatility further, slow sync and rear curtain sync can be selected when shooting with wireless off-camera flash.[FN|Rear curtain sync is not available when using optical wireless flash units.]

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting[FN|Imaging Edge Desktop application Ver 2.0 or later is required. Image compositing may not be successful if camera or subject movement causes blur. The use of a tripod is recommended, as is the use of PC tethered control or a remote commander (when PC tethered control is not being used) where possible. Uncompressed RAW and silent mode are automatically selected for Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. Some restrictions apply to flash and other devices. Refer to the Sony support site for details.] newly supports compositing a picture from 16 pixel-shifted images

A different dimension of resolution opens with Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. The a7R IV now supports image compositing from 16 pixel-shifted images in addition to previously available compositing from four images. Applying advanced image stabilisation control, this renewed feature precisely shifts the sensor in half-pixel increments four times and in one-pixel increments four times alternately, to capture a total of 16 pixel-shifted images. These are composited by PC[FN|Imaging Edge Desktop application Ver 2.0 or later is required. Image compositing may not be successful if camera or subject movement causes blur. The use of a tripod is recommended, as is the use of PC tethered control or a remote commander (when PC tethered control is not being used) where possible. Uncompressed RAW and silent mode are automatically selected for Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. Some restrictions apply to flash and other devices. Refer to the Sony support site for details.] into one high-precision image of approx. 240.8 million pixels (19,008 x 12,672) from original data that holds the equivalent of approx. 963.2 million pixels to achieve overwhelming resolution in a single picture.[FN|Image size after compositing 16 pixel-shifted images is approx. 240.8 million (19,008 x 12,672) pixels. Image size after compositing 4 pixel-shifted images is approx. 60.2 million (9,504 x 6,336) pixels.] Still images of architecture and art are captured in true-to-life detail, texture, colour, mood, setting, and 3D-like realism, recreating hues with minimal moiré or colour artifacts, and even reproducing atmosphere and surroundings with breathtaking fidelity for unprecedented accuracy in real-life imagination.

Reliable durability and weather resistance[FN|Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof.] in tough situations

The a7R IV brings you further enhanced body durability, with full use of lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy for covers and internal frame, keeping the camera highly rigid and light. In response to pro opinions, enhanced sealing is applied to battery cover, terminal cover, and all joints in the chassis, and a double-sealed sliding mechanism replaces the hinge to the media compartment lid for better moisture resistance.[FN|Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof.] Routes to dust and moisture entry have been re-examined, and a cushion around the lens mount is added to ensure reliable operation in challenging environments.

Redesigned controls for confident and comfortable operation

A new multi-selector lets you shift point of focus quickly and intuitively to avoid missing moving subjects. The surface texture is changed to enhance button response for easier and more confident operation, in reply to pro users’ requests. In addition, the AF-ON button is enlarged and optimised for easier access, with an adjusted click feeling and location. And, the new Exposure Compensation Dial Lock Button locks or unlocks alternately at each press, and prevents accidental turning when set to lock position. These improvements enhance your concentration on shutter release to “capture the moment” instantly.

Various touch operations for operational freedom

Touch Focus enables you to simply touch the monitor screen to specify a desired subject near frame edges. Touchpad focus point control allows you to drag the focus frame to any point with a fingertip while using the viewfinder. Touch Tracking[FN|The menu “Touch Tracking” setting must be ON.] makes it easy to initiate subject tracking in stills and movies. Double-tap is for magnified view. Also, a7R IV response speed of Touchpad operation is approx. 1.5 times faster than a7R III.

Making true-to-life high-resolution 4K movies [FN|A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required for XAVC S format movie recording. UHS Speed Class 3 or higher card is required for 100Mbps recording.]

For high-resolution 4K movies with great detail but minimal moiré and jaggies, Super 35mm mode[FN|Super 35 4K recording result in a slightly narrower angle of view.] condenses approximately 2.4 times[FN|Approximately 20MP (6K) data] the data required for 4K movies (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). Advanced a7R IV processing records 4K movies with enhanced reproduction of skin colour and smoother gradations. In addition to S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma curves, the a7R IV offers HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)[FN|Connect this product to an HDR (HLG) compatible Sony TV via a USB cable when displaying HDR (HLG) movies.] picture profile for instant HDR workflow, supporting a wide range of HDR movie production needs. The a7R IV incorporates XAVC S recording format for 4K[FN|A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required for XAVC S format movie recording. UHS Speed Class 3 or higher card is required for 100Mbps recording.] and enables high-quality images at high bitrates of up to 100Mbps.  [1] High flexibility to fine-tune images as desired (Colour grading required)  [2] Instant and high-quality image (Colour grading not required)

Increased Fast Hybrid AF speed and precision for smoother, more stable movie AF

Faster, more precise Fast Hybrid AF achieves smoother, more stable autofocus in movie recording. This greatly reduces the need for focus operation when the camera is used on a gimbal or in assistance-free movie shooting. New Touch Tracking function is also available in movie recording, allowing you to simply touch an aimed subject on the monitor to initiate tracking. Swift AF-S operation is activated when shutter button is pressed halfway (or AF-ON button is pressed), for simplifying movie-making in “must succeed” situations including weddings and documentaries.

Sophisticated digital audio recording via new MI Shoe

Digital audio interface is added to Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe). Combination with new ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone or new XLR-K3M XLR Adapter Kit enables clear sound recording with minimised quality deterioration by sending digital audio signal to the camera. Cable-free, battery-free style enhances the flexibility of the a system movie shooting.

Aspect ratios of 4:3 and 1:1 supported

In addition to the conventional aspect ratios of 3:2 and 16:9, the a7R IV newly supports 4:3 and 1:1. These new aspect ratio settings give professional users more diverse types of delivery data that support a wider span of media.

Improvement of camera settings saving function

Now, a dramatically increased number of camera settings can be stored in the memory card, and saved settings can be read by other cameras of the same model. Moreover, up to 10 sets of camera settings can be stored in a memory card, thanks to Save/Load Setting function. Camera setups can also be imported to Imaging Edge Mobile[FN|Visit the support page for more details.] application while imported setups can be exported to other cameras of the same model.

Customisability for maximised efficiency

Thanks to My Dial, three sets of menu options can be assigned through the front/rear dials and the control wheel. By assigning frequently used functions to these dials, they become instantly available for fingertip control while a custom button is held. 113 functions are assignable to custom buttons. Independent function sets can be assigned for stills, movies, and playback.

Menu interface with prompt customisation

With My Menu, you can register up to 30 frequently used functions for instant recall when needed. Additionally, you can create a custom menu that ideally suits your shooting needs. Thanks to illustration of controls added to custom menus, function meanings are clear and operation becomes intuitive. Help display can be called up by pressing the delete button when using menu screen.

Rating function and Image Jump Setting for efficient on-location sorting

Ratings from 1 to 5 stars can be applied to still images and maintained as the images are imported into Imaging Edge Desktop application (Viewer) running on a PC. This function and a protect function to prevent accidental image deletion can each be assigned to a custom button (C3 by default for protect). Ratings and protection can be applied via review playback display and continuous groups can be reviewed, protected, and deleted while you’re on location or travelling. Image Jump Setting, which allows jumping display at every 10/100 photos, and group display for continuous shots, are convenient features for swift, efficient image reviewing.

Empowered FTP transfer function, now supporting background data transfer

With this camera, you can select images you shot and transfer the data to a designated remote FTP server via Wi-Fi (wireless LAN). For assured security, FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS) is supported, allowing SSL or TLS data encryption for maximum security. Since FTP file transfer is newly supported as a background operation, image files can be transferred while continuing to shoot, and up to nine FTP servers can be registered in the camera in advance. These advanced features further heighten efficiency of professional workflow. Rely on easier image selection and FTP transfer via Transfer & Tagging add-on app to send files using a mobile device. 5GHz Wi-Fi is available for high-speed connection.[FN|Models sold in some countries/regions support IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) wireless LAN only.]

Smart collaboration with mobile devices and accessories

Even after the camera power is off, still and movie files stored in an SD memory card inserted in the camera can be transferred via Wi-Fi connection if you set it up in advance.[FN|Go to “Smartphone setting” menu to make sure whether “Connection during camera power is off” is activated while the camera and mobile device are paired.] You can operate Imaging Edge Mobile app[FN|Refer to the download page for details:] installed in your mobile that is paired with the camera to select necessary images.

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X

This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.[FN|Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Mac logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.]

External flash control from the camera

Software update of the camera, flash and Wireless Radio Commander adds external flash setting function that allows you to configure the settings of an attached flash or Wireless Radio Commander (both sold separately) from the camera. Most settings, including light output, are accessible via a camera menu and changes are shown on flash display. 


Lens Compatibility
Sony E-mount lenses
Lens Mount
Image Sensor
Aspect Ratio
Number Of Pixels (Effective)
Approx. 61.0 megapixels
Number of Pixels (total)
Approx. 62.5 megapixels
Sensor Type
35mm full frame (35.7×23.8mm), Exmor R CMOS sensor
Anti-Dust System
Charge protection coating on optical filter and image sensor shift mechanism
Recording (still images)
Recording Format
JPEG (DCF Ver. 2.0, Exif Ver.2.31, MPF Baseline compliant), RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format)
Image Size (pixels) [3:2]
35mm full frame L: 9504 x 6336 (60M), M: 6240 x 4160 (26M), S: 4752 x 3168 (15M)
APS-C L: 6240 x 4160 (26M), M: 4752 x 3168 (15M), S: 3120 x 2080 (6.5M)
35mm full frame L: 8448 x 6336 (54M), M: 5552 x 4160 (23M), S: 4224 x 3168 (13M) APS-C L: 5552 x 4160 (23M), M: 4224 x 3168 (13M), S: 2768 x 2080 (5.8M)
Image Size (pixels) [16:9]
35mm full frame L: 9504 x 5344 (51M), M: 6240 x 3512 (22M), S: 4752 x 2672 (13M) APS-C L: 6240 x 3512 (22M), M: 4752 x 2672 (13M), S: 3120 x 1752 (5.5M)
35mm full frame L: 6336 x 6336 (40M), M: 4160 x 4160 (17M), S: 3168 x 3168 (10M)
APS-C L: 4160 x 4160 (17M), M: 3168 x 3168 (10M), S: 2080 x 2080 (4.3M)
Image Size (pixels) [Sweep Panorama]
Image Quality Modes
RAW, RAW & JPEG (Extra fine, Fine, Standard), JPEG (Extra fine, Fine, Standard)
Picture Effect
Posterization (Color), Posterization (B / W), Pop Color, Retro Photo, Partial Color (R / G / B / Y), High Contrast Monochrome, Toy Camera(Normal / Cool / Warm / Green / Magenta), Soft High-key
Creative Style
Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn leaves, Black & White, Sepia, Style Box(1-6), (Contrast (-3 to +3 steps), Saturation (-3 to +3 steps), Sharpness (-5 to +5 steps))
Picture Profile
Yes (Off / PP1-PP10) Parameters: Black level, Gamma (Movie, Still, Cine1-4, ITU709, ITU709 [800%], S-Log2, S-Log3, HLG, HLG1-3), Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Phase, Color Depth, Detail, Copy, Reset
Dynamic Range Functions
Off, Dynamic Range Optimizer (Auto / Level (1-5))
Colour Space
sRGB standard (with sYCC gamut) and Adobe RGB standard compatible with TRILUMINOS Color
14bit RAW
Uncompressed RAW
Recording (movie)
Recording Format
XAVC S, AVCHD format Ver. 2.0 compliant
Video Compression
XAVC S: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, AVCHD: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
Audio Recording Format
XAVC S: LPCM 2ch, AVCHD: Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2ch, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator
Colour Space
xvYCC standard (x.v.Color when connected via HDMI cable) compatible with TRILUMINOS Color
Picture Effect
7 types: Posterization (Color), Posterization (B / W), Pop Color, Retro Photo, Partial Color (R / G / B / Y), High Contrast Monochrome, Toy Camera(Normal / Cool / Warm / Green / Magenta), Soft High-key
Creative Style
Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn leaves, Black & White, Sepia, Style Box(1-6), (Contrast (-3 to +3 steps), Saturation (-3 to +3 steps), Sharpness (-5 to +5 steps))
Picture Profile
Yes (Off / PP1-PP10) Parameters: Black level, Gamma (Movie, Still, Cine1-4, ITU709, ITU709 [800%], S-Log2, S-Log3, HLG, HLG1-3), Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Phase, Color Depth, Detail, Copy, Reset
Image Size (Pixels), NTSC
XAVC S 4K: 3840 x 2160 (30p, 100M), 3840 x 2160 (24p, 100M), 3840 x 2160 (30p, 60M), 3840 x 2160 (24p, 60M), XAVC S HD: 1920 x 1080 (120p, 100M), 1920 x 1080 (120p, 60M), 1920 x 1080 (60p, 50M), 1920 x 1080 (30p, 50M), 1920 x 1080 (24p, 50M), 1920 x 1080 (60p, 25M), 1920 x 1080 (30p, 16M), AVCHD: 1920 x 1080 (60i, 24M, FX), 1920 x 1080 (60i, 17M, FH)
Image Size (pixels), PAL
XAVC S 4K: 3840 x 2160 (25p, 100M), 3840 x 2160 (25p, 60M), XAVC S HD:1920 x 1080 (100p, 100M), 1920 x 1080 (100p, 60M), 1920 x 1080 (50p, 50M), 1920 x 1080 (25p, 50M), 1920 x 1080 (50p, 25M), 1920 x 1080 (25p, 16M), AVCHD: 1920 x 1080 (50i, 24M, FX), 1920 x 1080 (50i, 17M, FH)
Image frame rate
NTSC mode: 1fps, 2fps, 4fps, 8fps, 15fps, 30fps, 60fps, 120fps PAL mode: 1fps, 2fps, 3fps, 6fps, 12fps, 25fps, 50fps, 100fps
NTSC mode: 1fps, 2fps, 4fps, 8fps, 15fps, 30fps, 60fps, 120fps PAL mode: 1fps, 2fps, 3fps, 6fps, 12fps, 25fps, 50fps, 100fps
NTSC mode: 1920x1080 (60p, 30p, 24p), PAL mode: 1920x1080 (50p, 25p)
Image size (frame rate)
NTSC mode: 1920x1080 (60p, 30p, 24p), PAL mode: 1920x1080 (50p, 25p)
Movie Functions
Audio Level Display, Audio Rec Level, PAL / NTSC Selector, Proxy Recording (1280 x 720 (Approx.9Mbps)), TC / UB (TC Preset / UB Preset / TC Format / TC Run / TC Make / UB Time Rec), Auto Slow Shutter, REC Control, Clean HDMI Info. (ON / OFF selectable), Gamma Disp. Assist
HDMI Output
3840 x 2160 (25p), 1920 x 1080 (50p), 1920 x 1080 (50i), 1920 x 1080(24p), 1920 x 1080 (60p), 1920 x 1080 (60i), 3840 x 2160 (30p), 3840 x 2160(24p), YCbCr 4:2:2 8bit / RGB 8bit
Recording System
Location information Link from smartphone
SD memory card, SDHC memory card (UHS-I / II compliant), SDXC memory card (UHS-I / II compliant), microSD memory card, microSDHC memory card, microSDXC memory card
Memory Card Slot
SLOT1: Slot for SD (UHS-I / II compliant) memory card, SLOT2: Slot for SD (UHS-I / II compliant) memory card
Recording mode on 2 memory cards
Simult. Rec (Still), Simult. Rec (Movie), Simult. Rec (Still / Movie), Sort (JPEG / RAW), Sort (Still / Movie), Auto Switch Media (On / Off), Copy
Noise reduction
Noise Reduction
Long exposure NR: On / Off, available at shutter speeds longer than 1 sec., High ISO NR: Normal / Low / Off
Multi Frame NR
White Balance
White Balance Modes
Auto / Daylight / Shade / Cloudy / Incandescent / Fluorescent (Warm White / Cool White / Day White / Daylight) / Flash / Underwater / Color Temperature (2500 to 9900K) & color filter (G7 to M7 (57-step), A7 to B7 (29-step)) / Custom
AWB Micro Adjustment
Yes (G7 to M7, 57-step) (A7 to B7, 29-step)
Priority Set in AWB
Yes (Shut. Halfway Down / Cont. Shooting / Off)
3 frames, H / L selectable
Focus Type
Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF / contrast-detection AF)
Focus Sensor
Exmor R CMOS sensor
Focus Point
35mm full frame: 567 points (phase-detection AF), APS-C mode with full frame lens: 325 points (phase-detection AF), with APS-C lens: 247 points (phase-detection AF) / 425 points (contrast-detection AF)
Focus Sensitivity Range
EV-3 to EV20 (ISO100 equivalent with F2.0 lens attached)
Focus Mode
AF-A (Automatic AF), AF-S (Single-shot AF), AF-C (Continuous AF), DMF (Direct Manual Focus), Manual Focus
Focus Area
Wide (567 points (phase-detection AF), 425 points (contrast-detection AF)) / Zone / Center / Flexible Spot (S / M / L) / Expanded Flexible Spot / Tracking (Wide / Zone / Center / Flexible Spot (S / M / L) / Expanded Flexible Spot)
Other Features
Eye-start AF (only with LA-EA2 or LA-EA4 attached (Sold separately)), Lock-on AF [Still] Human (Right / Left Eye Select) / Animal, [Movie] Human (Right / Left Eye Select), AF micro adjustment, (Sold separately), with LA-EA2 or LA-EA4, Predictive control, Focus lock, AF Track Sens, Swt.V / H AF Area, AF Area Regist., Circ. of Focus Point
AF Illuminator
Yes (with Built-in LED type)
AF Illuminator range
Approx. 0.3m - approx. 3.0m (with FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS attached)
Focus type with LA-EA3 (Sold separately)
Metering Type
1200-zone evaluative metering
Metering Sensor
Exmor R CMOS sensor
Metering Sensitivity
EV-3 to EV20 (at ISO100 equivalent with F2.0 lens attached)
Metering Mode
Multi-segment, Center-weighted, Spot, Spot Standard / Large, Entire Screen Avg., Highlight
Exposure Compensation
+ / - 5.0EV (1 / 3 EV, 1 / 2 EV steps selectable) (with exposure compensation dial : + / - 3EV (1 / 3 EV steps))
Exposure Bracketing
Bracket: Cont., Bracket: Single, 3 / 5 / 9 frames selectable. With 3 or 5 frames, in 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 2 / 3, 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 EV increments, with 9 frames, in 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 2 / 3, or 1.0 EV increments.
AE Lock
Locked when shutter button is pressed halfway. Available with AE lock button. (On / Off / Auto)
Exposure Modes
AUTO (iAuto), Programmed AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter-speed priority (S), Manual (M), Movie (Programmed AE (P) / Aperture priority (A) / Shutter-speed priority (S) / Manual (M) ), Slow & Quick Motion (Programmed AE (P) / Aperture priority (A) / Shutter-speed priority (S) / Manual (M) )
ISO Sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index)
Still images: ISO 100-32000 (ISO numbers up from ISO 50 to ISO 102400 can be set as expanded ISO range.), AUTO (ISO 100-12800, selectable lower limit and upper limit), Movies: ISO 100-32000 equivalent, AUTO (ISO 100-12800, selectable lower limit and upper limit)
Anti-flicker Shoot.
Scene Selection
Viewfinder Type
1.3 cm (0.5 type) electronic viewfinder (color), UXGA OLED
Number of Dots
5 760 000 dots
Brightness Control (Viewfinder)
Auto / Manual (5 steps between -2 and +2)
Color Temperature Control
Manual (5 steps)
Field Coverage
Approx. 0.78 x (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1m<sup>-1< / sup>)
Dioptre Adjustment
-4.0 to +3.0m<sup>-1< / sup>
Eye Point
Approx. 23mm from the eyepiece lens, 18.5mm from the eyepiece frame at -1m<sup>-1< / sup> (CIPA standard)
Finder Frame Rate Selection
NTSC mode: STD 60fps / HI 120fps, PAL mode: STD 50fps / HI 100fps
Display Contents
Graphic Display, Display All Info, No Disp. Info, Digital Level Gauge, Histogram, For viewfinder, Monitor Off
LCD Screen
Monitor Type
7.5cm (3.0-type) type TFT
Number of Dots
1, 440, 000 dots
Touch Panel
Brightness Control
Manual (5 steps between -2 and +2), Sunny Weather mode
Adjustable Angle
Up by approx. 107 degrees, Down by approx. 41 degrees
Display Selecter (Finder/LCD)
Yes (Auto / Manual)
Real-time Image Adjustment Display (LCD)
On / Off
Quick Navi
Focus Magnifier
Yes (35mm full frame: 5.9x, 11.9x
APS-C: 3.9x, 7.8x)
Yes (selectable level + range or lower limit as custom setting)
Peaking MF
Yes (Level setting: High / Mid / Low / Off, Color: Red / Yellow / Blue / White)
WhiteMagic, Grid Line (Rule of 3rds Grid / Square Grid / Diag. + Square Grid / Off), Movie Marker (Center / Aspect / Safety Zone / Guideframe)
Display Content
Graphic Display, Display All Info., No Disp. Info., Digital Level Gauge, Histogram
PlayMemories Camera Apps™
Clear Image Zoom
Still images:Approx. 2x, Movies: Approx. 1.5x (4K), Approx. 2x (HD)
Digital Zoom
Smart zoom (Still images): 35mm full frame: M: approx 1.5x, S: approx 2x
APS-C: M: approx 1.3x, S: approx 2x, Digital zoom (Still images): 35mm full frame: L: approx 4x, M: approx 6.1x, S: approx 8x
APS-C: L: approx 4x, M: approx 5.3x, S: approx 8x, Digital zoom (Movie): 35mm full frame: approx 4x
APS-C: approx 4x
Face Detection
Modes: Face Priority in AF (On / Off), Face Priority in Multi Metering (On / Off), Regist. Face Priority(On / Off), Face registration, Max. number of detectable: 8 faces
Self-Portrait Self-timer
Interval Recording, Touch Focus: Yes (Touch Focus / Touch Pad / Touch Tracking), ISO AUTO Min. SS, Bright Monitoring, Copyright Info, Set File Name, Save / Import Settings, FTP Transfer Func., Help guide, Area Setting, Shop Front Mode, Video Light Mode, Zoom Ring Rotate
Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane type
Shutter Speed
Still images: 1 / 8000 to 30 sec, Bulb, Movies: 1 / 8000 to 1 / 4 (1 / 3 steps), up to 1 / 50 in AUTO mode (up to 1 / 25 in Auto slow shutter mode)
Flash Sync. Speed
1 / 250 sec.
Electronic Front Curtain Shutter
Yes (ON / OFF)
Silent Shooting
Yes (ON / OFF)
Image Stabilization
Image Sensor-Shift mechanism with 5-axis compensation (Compensation depends on lens specifications)
Compensation Effect
5.5 stops (based on CIPA standard. Pitch / yaw shake only. With Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA lens mounted. Long exposure NR off.)
Flash Control
Pre-flash TTL
Flash Compensation
+ / - 3.0 EV (switchable between 1 / 3 and 1 / 2 EV steps)
Flash Bracketing
3 / 5 / 9 frames selectable. With 3 or 5 frames, in 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 2 / 3, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 EV increments, with 9 frames, in 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 2 / 3, 1.0 EV increments.
Flash Modes
Flash off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync., Red-eye reduction (on / off selectable), Wireless, Hi-speed sync.
External Flash Compatibility
Sony a System Flash compatible with Multi Interface Shoe, attach the shoe adaptor for flash compatible with Auto-lock accessory shoe
FE Level Lock
Wireless Control
Yes (Light signal: Available with Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Hi-speed sync. / Radio signal: Available with Fill-flash, Rear Sync., Slow Sync., Hi-speed sync.)
Drive Modes
Single Shooting, Continuous shooting (Hi+ / Hi / Mid / Lo selectable), Self-timer, Self-timer (Cont.), Bracket: Single, Bracket: Cont., White Balance bracket, DRO bracket
Continuous Drive Speed (approx. max.)
Continuous shooting: Hi+: max. 10 fps, Hi: max. 8 fps, Mid: max. 6fps, Lo: max. 3 fps
No. of recordable frames (approx.)
JPEG Extra fine L: 68 frames, JPEG Fine L: 68 frames, JPEG, RAW: 68 frames, RAW & JPG: 68 frames, RAW (Uncompressed): 30 frames, RAW (Uncompressed) & JPG: 30 frames
10 sec. delay / 5 sec. delay / 2 sec. delay / Continuous self-timer (3 frames after 10 sec. delay / 5 frames after 10 sec. delay / 3 frames after 5 sec. delay / 5 frames after 5 sec. delay / 3 frames after 2 sec. delay / 5 frames after 2 sec. delay) / Bracketing self-timer (Off / 2 sec. delay / 5 sec. delay / 10sec. delay)
Pixel Shift Multi Shooting
Yes (4 / 16)
Photo Capture
Single (with or without shooting information Y RGB histogram & highlight / shadow warning), 9 / 25-frame index view, Enlarged display mode (L: 23.8x, M: 15.6x, S: 11.9x), Auto Review (10 / 5 / 2 sec, Off), Image orientation (Auto / Manual / Off selectable), Slideshow, Folder selection (Date / Still / AVCHD / XAVC S HD / XAVC S 4K), Forward / Rewind (movie), Delete, Protect, Rating, Disp Cont Shoot Grp
PC Interface
Mass-storage, MTP, PC remote
Multi / Micro USB Terminal
Yes (NFC forum Type 3 Tag compatible), One-touch remote, One-touch sharing
Wireless LAN (Built-In)
Wi-Fi Compatible, IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (2.4GHz band / 5GHz band), View on Smartphone, Remote control via Smartphone, Send to Computer, View on TV
Yes (Bluetooth Standard Ver. 4.1 (2.4GHz band))
HD Output
HDMI micro connector (Type-D), BRAVIA Sync (Control for HDMI), PhotoTV HD, 4K movie output / 4K still image PB
Multi Interface Shoe
Yes (with Digital Audio Interface)
Auto-lock Accessory Shoe
Smart Accessory Terminal 2
Mic Terminal
Yes (3.5 mm Stereo minijack)
DC IN Terminal
Sync Terminal
Headphone Terminal
Yes (3.5 mm Stereo minijack)
Vertical Grip Connector
PC Remote
LAN Terminal
Built-in, stereo
Built-in, monaural
Compatible Standards
Exif Print, Print Image Matching III, DPOF setting
Custom function
Custom key settings, Programmable Setting (Body 3 sets / memory card 4 sets), My Menu, My Dial Settings, Reg Cust Shoot Set
Lens Compensation
Peripheral Shading, Chromatic Aberration, Distortion
Supplied battery
One rechargeable battery pack NP-FZ100
Battery Life (Still Images)
Approx. 530 shots (Viewfinder) / approx. 670 shots (LCD monitor) (CIPA standard)
Battery Life (Movie, actual recording)
Approx. 90 min (Viewfinder) / Approx. 105 min (LCD monitor) (CIPA standard)
Battery Life (Movie, continuous recording)
Approx. 160 min (Viewfinder) / Approx. 170 min (LCD monitor)
(CIPA standard)
Internal Battery Charge
Yes (Available with Multi / Micro USB Terminal or USB Type-C Terminal)
Power consumption with Viewfinder
Still images: approx. 3.7W (with FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached), Movies: approx. 6.2W (with FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached)
Power consumption with LCD screen
Still images: approx. 2.9W (with FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached), Movies: approx. 5.8W (with FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached)
USB Power supply
Yes (Available with Multi / Micro USB Terminal or USB Type-C Terminal)
Operating Temperature
32 - 104 degrees F / 0 - 40 degrees C
Size & Weight
Weight (with battery and memory card included)
Approx. 665 g / 1lb 7.5oz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx. 128.9mm x 96.4mm x 77.5mm, Approx. 128.9mm x 96.4mm x 67.3mm (FROM GRIP TO MONITOR) / Approx. 5 1 / 8 x 3 7 / 8 x 3 1 / 8 inches, Approx. 5 1 / 8 x 3 7 / 8 x 2 3 / 4 inches (FROM GRIP TO MONITOR)



Sony SEL24105G FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens


WAS £1,199.00 £999.00


Sony SEL24F14GM FE 24mm F1.4 GM lens


WAS £1,449.00 £1,299.00


Sony SEL2470GM FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens




Sony SEL70200G FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS lens


WAS £1,149.00 £1,099.00

Batteries and Chargers


Sony NPFZ100 Z-series Rechargeable Battery Pack




Sony BCQZ1 Battery Charger for NP-FZ100




Multi Battery Adaptor Kit





Sony HVLF20M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe




Sony HVLF45RM External Flash with Wireless Radio Control



Sony HVL-F60M This high-power high-end flash unit offers ample brightness with a guide number of 60 (GN60 ) and flexible shooting with Quick Shift Bounce. A built-in LED light enables bright movie shooting, and the dust and moisture resistant design lets you use it in a variety of outdoor situations.



Grips and Tripods


Sony VGC3EM Vertical Grip for a9, a7R III, a7 III




Sony GPX1EM Grip Extension




Sony GPVPT2BT Shooting Grip With Wireless Remote Commander



Sony VCT-P300 A versatile tripod thats 1.4kg light, for superior portability, smoothness and strength all around when shooting still images from a height of 1587mm to 364mm.



Cases and Protectors


Sony LCSAMB AMB Carry case




Sony LCSSC8B System case




Sony PCKLG1 Screen Protect Glass Sheet